Massive Loofah Body Scrub

Long Natural Loofah.
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Exfoliating regularly helps keep your skin fresh and supple, and an all-natural loofah sponge provides excellent, chemical-free, manual exfoliation. Loofah scrubbers originate as the natural fibers in gourds from the Luffa cylindrica plant, and they can be quite stiff and abrasive when new.

Soak new loofahs in hot water before use to soften the fibres. If a loofah seems too stiff, soak it in hot water and break it in by initially scrubbing tough areas such as your feet or knees to help soften the fibres.

Soap is naturally antibacterial, so give your loofah a soap and a rinse before hanging it to dry between uses.

As a loofah is a natural plant product, there will be variations in width & length once rehydrated - item is dehydrated for shipping..
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  • Model: IJ51
  • Manufacturer: IndigoJack