Dairy Box Deluxe 400g

Popular selection of chocolates.
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400g Box of Nestle's Dairy Box Chocolates.

"A sumptuous assortment of Dairy Box chocolates with the special addition of three new chocolates in the assortment: Whole Hazelnut Surprise, Whole Almond Heaven and White Truffle. A delicious selection of milk chocolates. Choose from eleven different truffles and pralines: Vanilla Cup, Orange Truffle, Almond Ripple, Praline Heart, Crispy Truffle, Chocolate Velvet, Raspberry Sundae, Caramel Crisp, Whole Hazelnut Surprise, Whole Almond Heaven and White Truffle. Contains 44 delicious milk chocolates in a variety of truffles and pralines. Dairy Box contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Dairy Box Deluxe offers a delicious selection of milk chocolates perfect for the one that you love. Whole Hazelnut Surprise - A crunchy hazelnut surrounded by soft praline and light crispy pieces Whole Almond Heaven - A single almond in a lavish, melted praline White Truffle - Indulgent white chocolate with a milk chocolate centre Silky Hazelnut - Smooth praline creme in a milk chocolate case Orange Truffle - Orange tru­ffle with a hint of tangy zest Vanilla Cup - Soft vanilla with crispy wafer and a dark chocolate drop Chocolate Velvet - Luxurious velvety truffl­e with a white chocolate top Raspberry Sundae - Creamy raspberry truffl­e fills a milk chocolate dome Caramel Crisp - Crispy caramel tru­ffle in an elegant milk and white chocolate swirl Crispy Truffle - Smooth chocolate truffl­e with crispy pieces Vanilla Nut Crunch - Vanilla truffl­e with caramelised almond pieces Praline Heart - Praline truffl­e in a milk chocolate heart Almond Ripple - Soft praline encased in an almond shell Learn more: http://www.nestle.co.uk/brands Good to remember Enjoying chocolate as part of varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is one of life's little pleasures."

Allergy Advice:
Contains barley, wheat, milk and soya.
Contains nuts.

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  • Manufacturer: Nestle