About Us

IndigoJack, makers of quality decorative objects.

About us

Making and creating since 1996, IndigoJack is a family business which provides a select range of giftware, art & crafts, and home / office decorative objects, some of which you simply can't find anywhere else.

The reason why you can't find them anywhere else is because much of our range is made and created by us and we don't supply our products to any other retailer.

Our ethos is to promote traditional manufacturing and hand crafted products from sustainable sources.
One-Off Pieces

We also make and create one-off pieces, available to purchase exclusively from IndigoJack. These unique pieces are noted as 'one-off' on their listing and are made by a professional artist, details of which will accompany the item details.

With our One-Off range, you can be absolutely confident that the gift you purchase from us will not be a mass produced, by the pallet load item, but an entirely unique creation.

Our range changes and is added to frequently and can include anything from small books to oil paintings.

Artists & Crafters

There is a place in every home for an object that has been made and created by the hands of a human! We're not complete Luddites, not all machine made things are bad, but we actively seek to promote the hand crafted object - an object that
was not fed into a machine in raw form at one end, only to reappear as a complete object at the other...

With this in mind, in conjunction with our desire to promote naturally sourced, sustainable materials: we champion objects made by individual artists and crafters.

So if you are seeking something a bit different, IndigoJack is the place for you.